Asian Agri Enhances Fire Prevention Training

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Forest fires devastate large amounts of peat forest in Indonesia on a yearly basis. While it would be almost impossible to prevent all fires in Indonesia, Asian Agri, which forms a part of the Royal Golden Eagle group of companies founded by entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto, along with multiple non-profit organisations and state authorities are working non-stop to prevent forest and land fires.

Asian Agri, founded by Sukanto Tanoto, has taken large steps to prevent forest and land fires in collaboration with Fire Free Alliance (FFA) and the APRIL and Asian Agri initiated Fire Free Village Program (FFVP). The fire prevention initiatives of APRIL, which also forms part of RGE, and Asian Agri represent the four C’s philosophy of founder and chairman of RGE, Sukanto Tanoto and the RGE group of companies.

The newest collaboration initiated by Asian Agri to improve the training for forest fire prevention is with GAPKI Riau (as facilitator) and the Training Centre of Environment and Forestry (as educator).

Forest Fire Prevention Training

During Indonesia’s rainy season the teams of fire fighters and volunteers practise drills, exercise, train and visit rural villages to spread knowledge on fire prevention and firefighting, so that when the dry season inevitably comes, the teams are ready to perform their duties as efficiently as possible. These duties are not only to extinguish existing fires, but include routine patrols and monitoring high risk areas.

The rainy season training consists of up to 52 hours of lessons at the Training Centre for Environment and Forests, as well as 3 days of practical lessons in the village of Lubuk Ogong, Tambak.

During their training participants learn the basic skills needed to: use a GPS-based Android, execute fire patrol, inform the public about fire safety and prevention and participate in carefully controlled fire simulations.

Mahfud, one of the trainees who had participated in the event, is of the opinion that if more companies would be as concerned about the environment and became as involved in fire prevention efforts as Asian Agri is, that forest and land fires would undoubtedly be reduced even more, as this year the efforts from FFA and FFVP have already made a large difference.

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APRIL Pioneers Holistic Strategies for Fire Control

Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL), one of the many companies operating under the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) corporate group headed by Sukanto Tanoto, has embraced a zero-burn policy on its wood pulp-producing plantation lands in Indonesia since its inception in the mid-1990s. Following Mr. Tanoto’s direction, all of RGE Group’s natural resources manufacturing companies strive to implement best practices in conservation and land use. In APRIL’s case, this has involved extensive cooperation on fire management with government agencies, local communities, and non-governmental organizations focused on environmental issues. In addition, APRIL has implemented wide-ranging policies and procedures that have proven their usefulness in reducing and eliminating fires throughout its home base in Riau Province on the island of Sumatra.

Taking a 360-degree view of the situation, APRIL has instituted high-level fire-detection systems, community education and awareness programs, and an innovative incentive pilot project designed to reward villages successful in preventing and containing fires. In addition, through the blog APRIL Dialog, the company works to demonstrate transparency in addressing issues of concern to local populations living near its lands and to the larger environmental community.

Unchecked fires on plantation lands have presented serious health, safety, and environmental hazards for decades in Indonesia. In addition, when the haze from those fires spreads across borders into Singapore and Malaysia, it presents a situation that the United Nations has elevated to the level of a world crisis. APRIL has made significant strides in addressing the problem through an investment of $6 million to provide an aggressive response to fires on lands bordering its own, realizing that containing the spread of fire is the responsibility of all stakeholders.

In addition, in November 2014, APRIL once again took a leading role by participating as both a sponsor and an exhibitor at Singapore’s first public exhibit to focus on the problem of haze. The exhibit was named “Haze: Know it. Stop it.” and sought to educate citizens about the causes that contribute to pollutant haze in the country.

APRIL at Singapore Haze Exhibition