Fulfilling Sukanto Tanoto’s vision of community development – PT RAPP helps local communities gain IP rights for traditional art


The traditional fabric art of Pelalawan in the Riau Province of Indonesia has been captivating visitors for decades. Thanks to the efforts of PT RAPP, a subsidiary of the APRIL group founded by Sukanto Tanoto, the local community has obtained intellectual property rights to profit fully from their creative talents.

Captivating patterns that beautify daily life

In the spirit of community development instilled in the RGE group of companies by its founder and leader, Sukanto Tanoto, the APRIL group is proud to have assisted the people of Kerinci in obtaining IP rights to their intricate and beautiful folk art.

The community in the town of Kerinci, where PT RAPP operates its successful paper pulp facility, is well known in Riau Province for the beautiful batik fabric produced by local artists. This style of painted fabric is found throughout Southeast Asia and is often inspired by symbols from nature, including flowers, leaves and animals.


Empowering local artists to own their designs

Several Batik designs were awarded IP rights in 2016, including Eucalyptus leaf, Acacia leaf, Timun Suri (a local cucumber) and Lakum (which looks like a grape). These designs were all created by the Rumah Batik Andalan cooperative, whose members received training from master craftsmen through a project sponsored by the APRIL group – a world leading paper pulp business founded by Sukanto Tanoto, and a member of the RGE group of companies.

By assisting the talented traditional artists of Kerinci to obtain IP rights, this project will go a long way toward creating multiple sources of income for the local community.

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