RGE: Highlights of a productive year under the leadership of Sukanto Tanoto

May 9 2016, Woodfibre LNG Limited sign HoA
May 9 2016, Woodfibre LNG Limited sign HoA

Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), a group of world class companies founded by visionary entrepreneur and businessman, Sukanto Tanoto, currently holds assets of up to US $15 billion, spanning operations throughout Indonesia, China and Brazil – all the while driving sustainable harvesting and manufacturing practices.

RGE manages companies in several business sectors that include: energy resource development – Pacific Oil & Gas, specialty cellulose – Bracell, viscose staple fibre – Sateri, pulp and paper – APRIL & Asia Symbol, and the palm oil industry – Asian Agri & Apical

2016 was a year of exceptional growth and fruition of several strategic business initiatives for RGE and their business groups. Yet despite the company’s focus on growth throughout 2016, their corporate social responsibility towards the local community and the climate was not forgotten – both key initiatives held in high esteem by company founder, Mr. Tanoto.

RGE’s 2016 key achievements for business growth include:

  1. Chairman of RGE, Sukanto Tanoto adds a fourth ‘C’ to RGE’s business philosophy, which originally included ‘Company’, ‘Community’ and ‘Country’ as key focus areas of RGE’s operations. ‘Climate’ is a promise to increase focus on climate change and sustainability practices within RGE and its subsidiary companies.
  2. Environmental approval was given to Woodfibre LNG, a subsidiary of Pacific Oil & Gas, by the Canadian government.
  3. The Guangzhou Gas Group and Woodfibre LNG Export sign the LNG Agreement – aimed at providing a long-term stable supply of natural gas to meet the rapidly-growing demand for clean energy in Guangzhou City.
  4. Bracell completed a US $1.1 billion privatization exercise.
  5. APRIL joins PEFC as an international stakeholder member.
  6. The APRIL Group received the prestigious Green Award from the Indonesian government – recognized for the responsible sustainability practices implemented at several plants.
  7. Asian Agri’s small holders become the first recipients of the replanting grant from the Indonesian Palm Oil Estate Fund – benefitting 135 small holders throughout the Mulus Rahavu Co-operative.

After a highly successful 2016, the RGE group of companies, with Mr. Tanoto at the helm, looks forward to yet another transformative and successful year in 2017. For frequent updates on RGE’s sustainability initiatives, projects, business developments and corporate social responsibility drives, Sukanto Tanoto, RGE chairman, offers all the news on: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn

Find out more about RGE’s 2016 highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anaAyWsgZIU

Fulfilling Sukanto Tanoto’s vision of community development – PT RAPP helps local communities gain IP rights for traditional art


The traditional fabric art of Pelalawan in the Riau Province of Indonesia has been captivating visitors for decades. Thanks to the efforts of PT RAPP, a subsidiary of the APRIL group founded by Sukanto Tanoto, the local community has obtained intellectual property rights to profit fully from their creative talents.

Captivating patterns that beautify daily life

In the spirit of community development instilled in the RGE group of companies by its founder and leader, Sukanto Tanoto, the APRIL group is proud to have assisted the people of Kerinci in obtaining IP rights to their intricate and beautiful folk art.

The community in the town of Kerinci, where PT RAPP operates its successful paper pulp facility, is well known in Riau Province for the beautiful batik fabric produced by local artists. This style of painted fabric is found throughout Southeast Asia and is often inspired by symbols from nature, including flowers, leaves and animals.


Empowering local artists to own their designs

Several Batik designs were awarded IP rights in 2016, including Eucalyptus leaf, Acacia leaf, Timun Suri (a local cucumber) and Lakum (which looks like a grape). These designs were all created by the Rumah Batik Andalan cooperative, whose members received training from master craftsmen through a project sponsored by the APRIL group – a world leading paper pulp business founded by Sukanto Tanoto, and a member of the RGE group of companies.

By assisting the talented traditional artists of Kerinci to obtain IP rights, this project will go a long way toward creating multiple sources of income for the local community.

To learn more about the range of community projects initiated by the RGE group of companies, its many world-class businesses and its chairman, follow Mr Tanoto via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, About.me or LinkedIn.

Project Sukacita Educational Outreach Program – A Tanoto Foundation Participant Shares Her Experience

Project Sukacita

Recently, one of this year’s Project Sukacita participants – Jessica Chandra from the Singapore Management University – shared her excitement about the project as she completed her third visit to the town of Kerinci. The project enjoys the full backing of businessman, Sukanto Tanoto, chairman of the RGE group whose investment in the region has changed lives for the better.

Over the past five years, Project Sukacita has given talented university students from Singapore the opportunity to make a difference in the rural Malaysian province of Riau.

The town of Pangkalan Kerinci has been transformed over the past two decades, thanks to investments in the local paper pulp and palm oil production industries by Asian Agri and APRIL – two of the successful businesses that make up the RGE group of companies founded by Mr Tanoto.

To match economic success with human development, Project Sukacita student participants from prestigious Singaporean universities visit Kerinci each year to mentor children in the village and help them to become young success stories of the future.

Tanoto Foundation scholarship students give back to the communities

Jessica Chandra joined the project three years ago and has been an active participant ever since. A business management major specializing in finance, Jessica is also a Tanoto scholar and is keen to give back to the community in Kerinci in the spirit of the Tanoto Foundation which supports her studies.

The opportunity to interact with local children, teaching them vital skills and providing them with hope are just some of the benefits that participants reap from their time in Kerinci.

According to Jessica, the experience got her thinking about the role of parents and other mentors in the successful education of children – sparking a passion for development that will hopefully stay with her forever.

To learn more about the community-based projects that are supported by RGE and its dynamic founder, we invite you to follow Mr Sukanto Tanoto via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, About.me or LinkedIn.

The Fight against Illegal logging in Indonesia

deforestation Indonesia

The deforestation of the Indonesian Lowlands and Peat forests due to illegal logging is of large concern.

In a bid to fight the illegal logging, the European Commission proposed to extend the European Union (EU)’s Forestry Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT) license to Indonesia’s timber and forest products. The licensing became operational in November 2016 after the proposal was approved by the necessary parties.

Under the FLEGT licence, all products that are currently SVLK-certified automatically meet the EU timber regulations and no further due diligence will be needed to export the products to the EU. Importers and exporters that are FLEGT certified will gain a competitive edge over those that are not certified, as exporting their products will be more efficient and less costly.

Pulp and paper company Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL), founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto, has SVLK certifications for its paper and pulp products, and is excited acknowledge the new approval of the FLEGT license.

As the EU is an important market for the APRIL group, a FLEGT licence will allow the April group to meet its growing customer demands in the market.

Peatlands Deforestation

While certifying timber and forest products will help legitimate businesses to sell their products in the EU, it will unfortunately not deter those that are already logging illegally from continuing to do so.

APRIL and Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP), which form part of the Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group of companies founded by Mr Sukanto Tanoto, have teamed up with Fauna & Flora International, Bidara and The Nature Conservancy in 2013 to form Restorasi Ekosistem Riau (RER) to protect and restore 150 000 hectares of deforested and degraded peat lands.

In a bid to dissuade illegal loggers, RER put together a Forest Protection Guard consisting of 8 young candidates in early 2016, whose duties include the prevention of:

  • Forest encroachment.
  • Illegal logging.
  • Forest fires.
  • Hunting of endangered or protected wildlife.

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