A Short History of RGE

Royal Golden Eagle (RGE)Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) is founded by Indonesian entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto. From its humble beginnings in 1973 it has grown into a large, successful global group of resource-based manufacturing companies.

Sukanto Tanoto started his empire with the family business supplying spare parts to the Indonesian construction and oil site industries. In 1972 he won contracts to build gas pipelines, and following the 1973 oil crisis the business grew considerably. This gave him the liquidity to start up a new business venture in the shape of a plywood mill situated in Indonesia, after noticing that there was a gap in the local market. Up until then raw wood logs were exported to be turned into plywood, before being imported back into Indonesia, which was a very costly endeavour. In 1979 RGE diversified into the palm oil sector, creating Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL).

Since 1997 Sukanto Tanoto has expanded manufacturing operations in Indonesia, China and Brazil, corporate offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Beijing and Nanjing, and sales offices around the world.

The RGE group of companies is involved in various business segments: energy resource development, pulp and paper, palm oil, speciality cellulose and viscose staple fibre.

RGE Highlights of 2016

Last year several new business strategies came to fruition for RGE:

  • Chairman and founder of RGE, Sukanto Tanoto, implemented a fourth part to RGE’s existing business philosophy – Climate.
  • Pacific Oil & Gas gave the greenlight on the US$ 1.6 billion Woodfibre LNG project in Canada.
  • LNG Woodfibre received environmental approval of the Canadian Government.
  • Bracell completed a US$ 1.1 billion privatisation exercise and became a part of the RGE group.
  • APRIL received PEFC certification and joined PEFC as an international shareholder member.

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