Project sponsored by Sukanto Tanoto’s APRIL creates urban planners of the future in SE Asia

To face the challenges of tomorrow, Southeast Asia’s brightest young people should be encouraged to take an interest in urban planning and design. The APRIL group’s support of the CUBE competition is helping to realize pioneer and philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto’s vision of widespread education in all spheres of knowledge.

Inspiring young minds to think about future cities

Every year, the Challenge for the Urban and Built Environment (CUBE) draws students from Indonesia, Singapore and beyond to learn about urban planning and transform a town as their main project. The APRIL group, an RGE company founded by entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto, is one of CUBE’s Platinum Sponsors.

Through the Tanoto Foundation, Sukanto Tanoto, RGE’s founder and one of the foremost business leaders in Indonesia, has always placed learning, intellectual curiosity, and community outreach at the core of his values. By supporting CUBE, APRIL is doing its part to make Mr. Tanoto’s vision a reality across the region.

CUBE helps to open young minds – and hearts

Large-scale urbanization and rapid growth create dynamic economies and expanding cities – and this presents a challenge to urban planners and designers in the region.

In keeping with Sukanto Tanoto’s vision of a business that benefits people, environment, country, and company, APRIL believes that its sponsorship of the CUBE challenge will have long-reaching effects.

The success of CUBE and similar projects will help to produce future professionals and leaders who are conscious of the social and economic challenges around them – not only for themselves, but for the entire community.

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