Chairman of RGE Group, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto’s announces plans to develop new viscose factory for 2018 in Indonesia

The Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) group of companies, which was founded by visionary and respected businessman, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, has recently released information on plans to build a viscose factory in 2018 aimed at driving exports and helping Indonesia to better meet viscose demands.

It is in fact going to be the very first integrated viscose fiber factory in the country. While there are a few other producers of viscose in the area, their raw materials are imported.

SVI (Sateri Viscose International), which is part of the RGE will operate the factory and the raw materials required will come from another RGE business, Asia Pacific Resources International (APRIL). The company, founded by Chairman of the RGE group of companies, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, is involved in the planting and processing of Eucalyptus and Acacia trees and then processing the plant into a pulp.

April Group recognizes demand for viscose and creates sustainable employment

Viscose is a type of fiber that is used to create textiles, baby wipes, surgical gowns, medical pads, face masks and similar. As such, it is generally in high demand on a global scale. Mr. Sukanto Tanoto has recognized the profits to be made in this industry, but still plans to do good for community and the environment during the development and running of the new factory.

Building of the new viscose factory began earlier in 2016 and the location of the factory will be right next door to Asia Pacific Resources International’s pulp and paper mills in Raui. The total cost of the factory will be in the region of 14.9 trillion Rupiah, creating 1 000’s of employment opportunities.

What SVI has to say on the new factory and its goals

Thomas Handoko, the CEO of SVI said that the company will ensure that Indonesia becomes the world’s second largest producer of viscose. The company plans to export as much as 60% of its annual production which will bring new wealth to the Indonesian economy, very much in line with the philosophy of the Tanoto Foundation, to do good for the community and company.

With viscose being an industry that needs strict waste control in place, RGE is the perfect group of companies to get involved. RGE along with the Tanoto Foundation has adopted various sustainable practices and is involved in community training and awareness events on how to recycle and be responsible with waste products.

It seems that RGE can use the viscose factory to bring new found environmental awareness to the country, while also improving on the quality of life for Indonesian community members.

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