Tanoto Foundation, founded by Sukanto Tanoto, joins 8 other APC members to boost education in Indonesia

The Tanoto Foundation, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto, is one of 8 foundations in Indonesia that form part of the APC (Asian Philanthropy Circle). The members of the APC (there are 24 foundations in total) are all dedicated to boosting education in Indonesia in order to improve on the quality of life and build a stronger future for the community and its people. This is in-line with Mr Sukanto Tanoto’s vision of 3-tiered success, which is focused on doing good for community, environment and profits.

How does Indonesia stand to gain from the efforts of the APC?

According to Victor Rachmat Hartono, who is a member of the APC, vocational education in Indonesia stands to gain from the efforts of the APC.

Tanoto Foundation has received special mention alongside the Tahir Foundation and Anchora Foundation for their financial support of education in Indonesia, making many of the philanthropic events, especially in terms of education, of the APC possible.

What are the future goals of the APC?

Part of the focus of the APC going forward is to improve on infrastructure, teacher training and the curriculum made available to students. Philanthropic events hosted by the group of foundations will assist with reducing pollution, rebuilding rental flats to improve the quality of life in the community and so on.

The Founder and CEO of APC, Lauren Lien, said that Indonesia plays a vital role in the philanthropic efforts of the APC and that a branch will be opened in Indonesia towards the end of 2016/early 2017.

Membership of the APC is by invitation or recommendation of other members only. In the course of just one year, the APC has hosted a total of 9 projects. Some of these projects focused on community upliftment, senior care living facilities and several best leadership development programs along with a myriad of education enhancement projects.

The Tanoto Foundation is proud to be a member of the APC and the opportunities that this membership provides to be further involved in philanthropic events aimed at improving on the quality of life in Indonesia, and providing quality education from early development stages through to tertiary studies.

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Tanoto Foundation Pelita Pustaka Library
Pelita Pustaka Library

Sukanto Tonato’s latest project is set to create 650 jobs in British Columbia

Woodfibre LNG is a company that needs little introduction having appeared in the news regularly of late. Forming part of Pacific Oil & Gas Ltd founded by Mr Sukanto Tanoto, Woodfibre LNG is a company that’s about to make a huge difference to the lives of many in its community by creating new jobs. 

Woodfibre LNG has been waiting quite some time to receive its approval and licensing for the project they are set to run in British Columbia. In fact, it’s the very first project of this size and caliber in this province. The license that Woodfibre LNG received authorizes the company to export just over 2 million tons of liquefied natural gas on an annual basis. This means that the local community benefits greatly in terms of economic development and job opportunities.

Woodfibre LNG’s project will open at least 650 jobs / positions while the operation is being established. Thereafter, it is estimated that the lifespan of the project will be around 25 years and will create a further 100 operational jobs. This means great things for the local community and just one more way in which Mr Sukanto Tonato is proving himself to be focused both on economic sustainability and the community.

Sukanto Tonato’s latest project is set to create 650 jobs in British Columbia
Sukanto Tonato’s latest project is set to create 650 jobs in British Columbia

This project which received the go-ahead at the start of November 2016 is set to improve the quality of life for many in the local area and is just one of many projects envisioned by Mr Sukanto Tonato, that is adding value to the economy. 

Sukanto Tanoto uses his business expertise to help others realize their potential

Tanoto Foundation Scholars with Mr Willie Sia from Tanoto
Tanoto Foundation Scholars with Mr Willie Sia from Tanoto Foundation

Many businesses experience financial success in their field, but it’s important for them to realize that they don’t get there alone. Once a company reaches the goals that it set for success and begins to grow, it shouldn’t forget those less fortunate. Such is the sentiment of a few highly successful business owners, including Mr Sukanto Tanoto.

Big business needs to get involved in the community

It’s no secret that Mr Sukanto Tanoto believes in enriching the lives of others by sharing his success to the extent of being involved in innumerable community projects and philanthropy. He is considered a highly successful entrepreneur in his own right and has shared many tips on how successful business men and women can and should give back when they attain their goals. Here are just two ways in which your business can be economically and socially responsible:

  • Get involved in sponsoring local events. The Tanoto Foundation is involved in many local environmental clean-up events, student educational events and more.
  • Scholarships. These are a great way to give back to the community and to also ensure the future of your community. Without student funding, skilled and talented youth will never realize their potential and bring economic relief to your community. Mr Tanoto bestows the Indonesian community with many scholarships, particularly for inventive students or those with an interest in paper production.

Keep up to date with community events and scholarships hosted and provided by Mr Sukanto Tanoto by visiting the Tanoto Foundation website regularly. Students are also invited to apply for the scholarship program offered by the foundation.