RAPP: Pre-Retirement Training for Employees is Important

In life it is important to be prepared for what lies ahead. This is something that Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP) has taken one step further; by introducing pre-retirement training for its elderly employees who will retire within the next two years. RAPP is part of the APRIL group, which is one of the companies managed by Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), a global company founded by Sukanto Tanoto.

The pre-retirement training has been set in place to ensure the independence and financial security of future pensioners, by learning to manage their pension funds wisely and ideally starting a small self-reliant business. It is held in collaboration with the Indonesian Professional Development Centre.

One employee, a crane operator from Futong, has been working for APRIL since the age of 17 and believes the training program is very helpful as it has provided him with inspiration for independent income strategies for when he retires.

The training is divided into three days of intensive training. The first two days are spent consulting with the facilitator, learning about revenue, and attending individual finance counselling sessions with a trained professional. On the third and final day the participants visit local car washes, a garment factory, and culinary businesses. They also attend farming and agriculture lectures in the Central Integrated Development and Business Training (BPPUT). At the end of the third day the participants are expected to have an idea of the kind of business they would like to start when they retire.

One of the attendees shared that he would be returning to his home town in Medan and begin gardening, implementing skills and knowledge which he had accumulated throughout his 36 years of working for the company.

Pre-retirement training has become an annual event within the April Company in an effort to prepare employees financially as well as mentally to be self-reliable and productive, to themselves as well as their communities, in their retirement.

RAPP employee pre-retirement training