Students Learn About the Paper Manufacturing Process with RGE and Tanoto Foundation

Anyone who is familiar with the RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation will know that they are under the leadership of renowned pioneer and visionary, Mr Sukanto Tanoto. The companies that form part of the business group and foundation are also involved in the forestry and paper manufacturing industry in Indonesia.

The aim of the Tanoto Foundation is to encourage more students to go into the paper manufacturing field, to help boost the Indonesian economy. With that in mind and together with RAPP (Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper), students from 6 prominent schools in Indonesia were invited to visit the RAPP factory to learn and see first-hand how acacia wood is transformed into fabric fibres and pulp.

Putting theories into practice

Students who attended the field-trip were impressed by the RAPP factory which already offers jobs to many residents of the area. Mr Sukanto Tanoto was applauded for his 4Cs approach, which focuses on doing good for community, the country, the environment and the company. This particular visit to the RAPP factory was a great way to show students just how Mr Tanoto’s business theories and practices really work.

Zamzuli Hidayat who hosted the visit to the RAPP facility, told media that the students were great achievers and were only slowed down by a lack of funding for their education. It is the hope of the Tanoto Foundation and RGE Business Group to help students, who have an interest in paper manufacturing and an eagerness to learn, by providing them with scholarships and improved education.

Many of the students who participated in the visit to the RAPP factory were stirred by the fact that Mr Tanoto could build such a successful empire despite all the challenges he has faced himself. Many aim to be a part of the Tanoto Foundation or RGE Business Group in their future.

A philosophy that includes profit and caring in the same bottom line

What sets the RGE Business Group and Tanoto Foundation apart from other large companies operating in Indonesia is their interest and dedication to other areas, beyond profits. Mr Sukanto Tanoto has a 3-bottom line philosophy which has earned his businesses success and respect over the years. The 3-bottom line approach is one that focuses on profits, absolutely, but it also addresses the need to help the community and care for the environment too!

The RAPP factory visit, which took place on the 13th of October is just one of many efforts that the group of companies makes to improve on education and the quality of life for locals in Indonesia.

Image Credit: Inside RGE – Factory worker packaging end product at RAPP factory in Indonesia

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