How RGE is Helping the Education System & Government in Indonesia

In recent news, the Corner Network (a prominent Indonesian news portal) sung the praises of the Tanoto Foundation which is headed up by none other than powerful and respected businessman, Mr Sukanto Tanoto. Muhammad Nasir who is the minister of research, technology and higher education gave his thanks to the Tanoto Foundation and various other organisations who recently made scholarships available to hundreds of Indonesian children.

While all of the RGE companies, the Tanoto Foundation included, already operate according to the philosophy of making a difference, it was encouraging to hear Nasir himself say that human resources and education in Indonesia are not only the responsibility of the government, but should become a priority for organisations that have the means to make a difference.

Nasir also made mention of the fact that it is contributions such as the Tanoto Foundations’ that supports the Indonesian government’s limited budget, while also helping to positively change the quality of lives of local community members.

Muhammad Nasir appealed to other corporates to take a look at how the Tanoto Foundation has contributed to education in Indonesia and appealed to them to try to follow suit.

The Tanoto Foundation – Making a Difference to Education in Indonesia

The Tanoto Foundation forms part of the Royal Golden Eagle Group which was founded by Mr Sukanto Tanoto. The group of companies, which is largely involved in forestry, is dedicated to being profitable while still having a positive impact on the environment and the surrounding community. As such, the provision of scholarships for children is not all that is done by RGE and its subsidiaries. In fact, the group is involved in many social and economic responsibility projects and makes itself available to those seeking out assistance with community development efforts.

Changing the lives of Indonesian locals might be only one of the group’s focuses, but the way they handle it, you would think it’s a top priority! Hats off to Tanoto Foundation and the Royal Golden Eagle Group! Indonesia’s education system and government couldn’t do it without you!

Image Credit: – Tanoto Scholars