The Reading Terrace – An Original New Initiative for Improving Education

Tanoto Scholars – the recipients of Tanoto Foundation Scholarships – are among the most active members of the Tanoto Foundation community when it comes to helping children improve their educational opportunities.

While many poor children in Indonesia are in need of books and better education, the Tanoto Scholars from Bogor Agricultural University have been active in implementing various development plans in Kahuripan village, since 2011. Their newest idea is the Reading Terrace.

What Is the Reading Terrace?

Quite simply, the Reading Terrace is a terrace where children can explore and read books at their leisure. The terrace itself is placed at the Scholars’ disposal by one of the village’s more generous residents, while the books are donated and organized by the Tanoto Scholars themselves, as well as other Tanoto Foundation members.

This is an original initiative geared toward promoting new and exciting opportunities for children to playfully learn from various books, listen to stories and get a head start with their education.

The Reading Terrace is in the works at the moment; however, the Tanoto Scholars hope to have it open and ready for fresh young minds as soon as possible, and they are in fact, working tirelessly towards the completion of that goal.

Managing the Work

Having been trained on Library Management, the Tanoto Scholarship recipients have been tirelessly at work putting their new skills to the challenge by dividing up the various tasks among themselves to organize, label and categorize the various books that are to be included at the Terrace.

The donated books are thoroughly inspected, labeled, placed into their various categories – such as text books, illustrated books, fiction or non-fiction etc. – and their information introduced into the system’s database, so that each and every book can be accounted for.

Inspired by the founders of the Tanoto Foundation, Ibu Tinah Bingei Tanoto and Bapak Sukanto, the Scholars continue to work towards the completion of the books’ organization and are expected to finish their work quite soon.