APRIL and Social Responsibility – Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting as a Community Project Facilitated by a Major Corporation

APRIL – that is, the Asia Pacific Resources International Limited – is not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pulp, fiber and paper, but also a company that has become well-known and has gained world-wide appreciation for carrying out their activity in an environment-conscious, highly responsible manner.

As a result of putting these values into practice, APRIL has always been at the forefront of implementing sustainable technologies and facilitating environment protection activities in synergy with local communities and local authorities. Having recognized the risks that illegal fires pose not only for the plantations used for production purposes, but also for the local community and for nature itself, APRIL has developed partnerships with the local police departments, disaster management teams, and the Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in order to improve the efficiency of fire suppression measures.

The expert leadership at APRIL emphasizes that help needs to reach beyond coordination, and effective fire suppression is impossible without possessing suitable equipment and tools. The company has so far invested over 6 million dollars in the project and they have bought two helicopters, two airboats, more than two hundred water pumps and 39 lookout towers.

The company is actively involved in the training of professional and amateur fire fighters. They have contributed to the establishment of several rapid response fire fighter teams, and they have also helped with the training and supplied the necessary equipment for as many as 28 community-based groups of fire prevention.

APRIL is well-aware of the importance of fire prevention, as this is evidently the ultimate solution to all fire threats. Earlier in 2015, they launched a special program in Riau, the Fire Free Village Program, which supports the local community in their efforts to prevent fire through capacity building, incentives, and numerous other measures.