APRIL Group Announces Its Support for the Enhancement of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Butterfly Habitat

The Gardens’ SG50 celebrations have provided an opportunity for many young environmentalists to come together and take part in environmental initiatives such as the improvement of the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio butterfly habitat.

The main sponsor of the event was APRIL Group, a company that’s part of the RGE Group of Corporations led by Chairman Sukanto Tanoto, and that has been supporting the National Parks Board (NParks) through a 5-year sponsorship of $100,000.

Enhancement Efforts

One of the main initiatives of the enhancement project was to plant no less than 300 trees to provide a larger natural habitat for butterflies to breed and thrive. 15 new plant species were also introduced to the ecosystem in the hopes that they would attract at least 7 new species of butterflies.

Numerous other landscape improvements were also added, and the park now serves as somewhat of an outdoor classroom that visitors can use to observe a large number of species of plants, butterflies and caterpillars, without disturbing their habitats.

April Group’s Efforts for Environmental Awareness

APRIL has played an active role in helping the environment while keeping in close touch with locals as part of their policy of community engagement and conservation.

The partnership between APRIL and NParks has been happily received by both entities, and their sustained efforts to preserve biodiversity and protect the ecosystem in Indonesia has inspired many others to show interest in the event and launch similar initiatives.

APRIL Group is one of the largest producers of fiber, pulp and paper in the nation and has long been known to closely abide by the philosophy of the 3Cs, as outlined by RGE Chairman and philanthropist, Sukanto Tanoto: that a company should strive to improve not only itself, but the community and country it is a part of as well (good for country, community and company).