A Brand New Approach Toward Sustainability, Productivity and Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility have become two major considerations that any large company has to take into account nowadays. If they hope to grow and improve, large, established companies dealing with natural resources, such as Asian Agri, need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to building new, sustainable systems and staying in close touch with the locals.

Asian Agri’s Example

Asian Agri is one of the most successful companies in Indonesia. Part of the RGE Group of corporations led by Sukanto Tanoto, the world class palm oil company has been a major producer for more than 30 years, its newest achievements being even more impressive.

Recently, the company has announced the construction of five new biogas power plants, each capable of generating up to 2 MW of power. The power plants use the by-product of crude palm oil, and are equipped with advanced Japanese technology, being far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than any similar biogas based plants currently available in Indonesia.

Asian Agri has also achieved an unprecedented level of social responsibility through the assistance they have provided to local smallholder farmers throughout the years. The company has helped farmers make significant progress with their work and achieve better opportunities through the professional training and support offered.

RGE’s Three C’s

Improving sustainability and social responsibility along with productivity is considered extremely important, and RGE companies like Asian Agri know full well the advantages that following the three C philosophy (good for the company, community and country) established by Sukanto Tanoto can bring.

Through sustained development and a greater focus on improving the community and the environment, companies such as Asian Agri are able to achieve better profits, while also counting on the support of the locals in any endeavor. They are also able to work together with the government as part of various plans geared toward sustainability, while bringing in more jobs, and contributing to the improvement of the country’s economy.