Tony Wenas on the Elegant and Powerful Approach to Running a Successful Company

Tony Wenas, the President Director of RT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP) has recently gave an interview to Investor Daily, talking about the invaluable lessons he has learned throughout his life that have made him an exemplary member of the company, playing a vital role in its success.

The Harmony of Working Together

Mr. Wenas has not always been in the pulp and paper industry, but his commitment to RAPP – the main subsidiary of April Group, a corporation that’s part of Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE Group – has helped the company become one of the most advanced, successful and technologically advanced providers of pulp and paper in the world.

RAPP’s President Director actually started out in a band in the 1980s called Solid 80s, and has achieved a fair degree of success. His love for music, however, followed him as he ascended the ranks in various industries, gradually becoming recognized as an important industry leader.

One of the most significant lessons Mr. Wenas has learned from his musical career – lessons that he also applied to his business endeavors – was that, in order to achieve success, a group such as RAPP has to work together in harmony, just like an orchestra. In these terms, not only the employees – each with his/her own unique talents and skills – but also the leaders of the company have to put their own skills to good use in harmony with everyone else.

In the interview, Tony Wenas talked about his success in leading RAPP, outlining the fact that, just like a conductor doesn’t necessarily know the skills that musicians playing various musical instruments may have, he has his own talent in guiding all the musicians in an orchestra to produce beautiful music together.

Similarly, a business leader serves his managers and employees to achieve the same type of harmony in order to constantly keep the company together and improve its results in the business world.

Honesty and Increased Focus

Tony Wenas began his career as an inexperienced law graduate without any connections who applied for a job, and continued to learn and refine his business skills, as he climbed the ladder to becoming an industry leader.

He realized with time that passion, drive and focus, as well as honesty, were some of the most important virtues that he needed in order to pursue his dreams, and even though he didn’t realize his parents’ dreams of becoming an engineer, he has used the same focus, commitment and honest drive towards improvement that he had learned from them and from his past pursuits.

Today, Mr. Wenas applies the very same principles when leading RAPP through the challenges of the natural resources sector and continues to be a worthwhile member of RAPP and the RGE.