Renewed Hope for Squamish’s Sporting and Educational Efforts through a New Community Sponsorship Program

At a recent event in Squamish, B.C., in Canada, Woodfibre LNG – a subsidiary of Pacific Oil & Gas Limited, a corporation that’s part of the Singapore-based RGE Group led by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sukanto Tanoto – has announced the establishment of a $100,000 community program geared to offering increased support to local groups and charities in the Squamish area.

Exciting New Prospects for Improvement

Woodfibre LNG has been a member of the Squamish community for the past two years; if approved by the B.C. and Canada’s Environmental Assessment Act, this new project will offer new opportunities for local community groups to improve areas associated with education and sporting resources for Canadian children and teens, as well as establish the company as having a vital role in the community for the next 25 years.

The sponsorship program, aside from bringing new funding opportunities to community groups, will also ensure that the funds are effectively allocated to ensure that areas such as education, sports and environmental development can equally benefit from them.

As an initial effort to start the program, Woodfibre has announced that it would provide grants valued at $25,000 for five community groups and sporting associations. These are the Axeman Rugby Club, the Howe Sound Minor Ball and the Squamish Minor Hockey, Minor Soccer and Slo-Pitch Associations.

The money will mainly be used to ensure suitable and safe playing fields through improved infrastructure, such as a new lighting system that will be installed at the Hendrickson Field using a portion of the amount allocated for the grants.

Applying to the Sponsorship Program

Community groups can apply to the sponsorship program by visiting the official website of Woodfibre LNG and filling out the provided application form.

The company has also announced that new applications will continue to be reviewed and accepted in accordance with their criteria by September 30th of this year – these applications being reserved for the next round of funding that the company will be establishing.

Aside from its efforts in building a new gas processing and liquefaction facility, Woodfibre LNG has been increasingly more active in the British Columbia area, promising new opportunities for establishing local community projects such as those facilitated by their new sponsorship program.

The gas processing company follows the same business philosophy that visionary Sukanto Tanoto has used to expand RGE to one of the world’s leading group of corporations, focusing on the well-known 3 Cs to provide improved effort and commitment for the betterment of the company, the community and the country to an equal extent.