April Announces the Opening of a New Hi-Tech Paper Production Facility

Asia Pacific Resources International Limited – also known as April – is the main management company that handles the RGE Group’s operation in the pulp and paper industry.

While the company has been producing more than 820,000 tons of paper per year, the newly constructed facility – the third and most advanced paper production center it has developed – is now able to take that number up to 1.15 million tons per year, while ensuring that the company can meet its target of providing the world with a larger amount of high grade digital paper.

sukanto tanoto

Dramatically Increasing Paper Production

Anderson Tanoto, son of RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto, has recently inspected the new Rp 4 trillion paper production facility in Riau. The stats show that, with its help, April is now able to meet the growing demands for high grade digital paper production designed for high quality color printing.

The investment seems to have paid off, helping April reach its goal of increasing production for PaperOneTM products – the company’s most important paper brand. Also, the new technology incorporated in the facility is now able to produce quality paper at a rate of no less than 1.4 km per minute, a staggering improvement compared to older results.

The mill will be using 100% plantation fiber derived from sources that already exist and is expected to provide the April Group with increased outputs that are already set to be deployed on the global market.

An Important Step for Indonesia’s Growth Policy

A ceremony was held to commemorate the new production facility in Riau, and many important local figures attended. Aside from Anderson Tanoto, industry minister Saleh Husin was also present, and he was quite impressed with the remarkable progress that the April Group has made in such a short amount of time.

The minister claimed that he is extremely pleased to support the Group, as their efforts are expected to have a direct positive impact on Indonesia’s economic and industrial development. He also said that this new initiative is not only in line with the Government’s plans and approach toward the country’s growth, but is also a major step forward to improving the country’s exporting goals.

The actual output of the industry is roughly about 6.4 million tons for pulp and more than 10 million tons for paper; in terms of export, the numbers were kept high last year, at 3.5 million tons for pulp and 4.3 million for paper – worth a total of more than $5 billion dollars. With new facilities such as the one built by April, these stats are expected to grow even more in the next few years.