The Boao Forum for Asia – Building the Foundations for a Stronger Community in Asia

Founded by no less than 26 Asian and Australian states more than 14 years ago, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) held its first annual conference in 2001.

A powerful non-profit organization, the BFA has gained the favor of many industry and political leaders worldwide, some of which have met in the past, during BFA conferences, with the most important personalities on the Chinese and Asian political and business scenes.

2015: The 14th Annual Boao Forum Conference

The Boao Forum for Asia conferences are held each year in the Chinese province of Hainan, in Boao, and are events during which hundreds, even thousands of corporate, academic and political leaders meet annually discuss a central theme that would involve important decisions for the future of Asia and the economy, trade and industry issues of the rest of the world as well.

The 2015 conference represented a milestone in the development of Asian countries. Introduced by Chinese President Xi Jinping, the conference adopted the theme “Asia’s New Future: Towards a Community of Common Destiny.”

One of the most remarkable aspects of the conference was that more than 2,700 important attendees from around the world took part in the talks. Among them were important business leaders from the West and the East, such as Bill Gates and Sukanto Tanoto, as well as many other experts in economy, politics, industry and science, discussing ambitious initiatives such as the ASEAN economic community, the AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank) and the Belt and Road initiative.

Decisions for the Future

The unprecedented initiative taken by China to promote some of the aforementioned ideas – which are considered as quite ambitious by the west – has begun challenging US supremacy in Asia, as more and more countries are starting to listen and adopt China’s vision for a more united Asia.

Despite the country’s economic growth being deemed as quite slow, it has been steady over periods when other countries on the global market barely managed to hang on in the years after the 2008 economic crisis. China, however, has many ambitious plans, acting as a veritable leader not only for supporting the initiatives and development plans of several countries in eastern Asia; it also supports forming closer bonds with countries such as the Netherlands, as well as key economic integration plans geared to bring as many Asian countries closer together as possible.

China’s cutting-edge ideas, its win-win policy for future relations with nations throughout the world, and its focus on infrastructural and technological innovations have sparked the interest of numerous business and political leaders from around the world – representatives, academic leaders and journalists from 49 countries have actively taken a great deal of interest in the event.

Well-known entrepreneur and chairman of RGE international, Sukanto Tanoto, also took part in this year’s BFA conference as one of only three Chinese business leaders operating in other countries.

His talks behind closed doors and his influence on the future of Indonesia, as well as his ideas on the impact the changes suggested by China would have on various other countries and the industries in the region, have shown that Mr. Tanoto plays one of the key roles associated with assuring improved international relations between China and other Asian nations and supporting the developments of the future plans presented during the conference.

The BFA conference continues to be one of the most important annual events in Asia, and, according to many political and industry leaders, the 2015 event has marked a significant step forward towards a stronger and more integrative approach to the Asian and global industry changes that China is pursuing.