Sukanto Tanoto and the Promotion of a Responsible Vision for Future Business Development

Sukanto Tanoto is one of the few hugely successful business entrepreneurs who are making a difference in Asia, as part of a campaign aiming to shift the business world towards an entirely new paradigm. Mr Tanoto’s  business approach seeks to improve the life of the people, not just the profits of the companies involved.

A True Visionary Leader of His Time

Mr. Tanoto comes from a poor family and understands full well the struggles that most people face in the effort of becoming successful – or even just providing for their families’ basic needs.

Today, as a result of constant struggle and incredible determination, Mr. Tanoto has managed to become the visionary corporate leader of the RGE group of companies, achieving assets of more than $15 billion and a workforce over 50,000 strong worldwide.

Overcoming the Challenges of Modern Society

Although modern society and the business practices of the 21st centuries have their advantages, in Mr. Tanoto’s view, it takes far more than just effective business practices targeting the well-being of the company itself in order to be truly successful.

The well-known businessman promotes a different vision through his business ventures in Indonesia, China and several other countries, as well as through his world famous Tanoto Foundation – an institution that provides education and resources for the poor to achieve an improved standing in life and better opportunities for future work and business endeavors.

In his view, the challenges posed by business models that focus solely on profit, with little regard for the workforce, the community or the country, have to be overcome. Instead, a responsible, integrative practice needs to be observed, an approach through which the business strives to place the needs of the community at least on the same level as its own.

Sukanto Tanoto‘s remarkable efforts in the past 40 years have proven that a single man can turn the tides in the business world and pave the way to a more compassionate future.