Woodfibre LNG Listens to Community Input at Meetings

In late January 2015, Woodfibre LNG executives received further public feedback from the Squamish, British Columbia, community regarding the company’s proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) production facility and transport hub in the area. Over a three-day span, the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and company executives visited Squamish and nearby Bowen Island to lead open house discussions on the project.

Woodfibre LNG

The discussions took place as part of the EAO’s 45-day period designated for public comment after the agency’s acceptance of Woodfibre’s application for an Environmental Assessment Certificate. Throughout the recent stages of the project, Woodfibre has sent representatives to numerous other public meetings in the Squamish area, and has given careful consideration to concerns expressed by stakeholders. The company has modified several aspects of its plan in response to such community feedback.

More than 400 people attended the January meetings to ask questions of the Woodfibre team and to offer their comments on the company’s Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) application. That document offers information derived from expert-led studies on the social, environmental, and construction-related impacts of the project. In addition, it outlines the anticipated benefits of the Woodfibre facility, such as the creation of more than 600 new jobs annually during the construction phase. The EAC application also details the practices the company plans to put in place to address environmental and other concerns.

In response to community input provided during the 2014 cycle of public meetings, Woodfibre has opted to power the proposed LNG production facility with electric power rather than gas turbine drives. This change offers the potential to cut the plant’s greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 80 percent. Woodfibre is a constituent company of Pacific Oil & Gas, Limited, which is in turn a part of the $15 billion family of RGE Group natural resources companies. All RGE Group companies focus on practicing founder and CEO Sukanto Tanoto’s philosophy of good environmental stewardship and strong corporate social responsibility.

In addition to the LNG facility’s significant positive impact on the economy, Woodfibre representatives believe their company’s corporate social responsibility efforts will be able to provide long-lasting benefits to the community in the areas of the arts, athletics, and culture.