Doing Well While Doing Good

Apical’s Commitment to Forests Apical Group Ltd., one of Indonesia’s chief processors and exporters of palm oil, is part of the RGE Group established by entrepreneur Sukanto Tanoto. Under Mr. Tanoto’s leadership, Apical has worked to show the industry that ensuring the greater social good also benefits bottom-line profits. Every entrepreneur should also be aware of the interconnectedness between social good and bottom-line profits. In today’s context, doing well in the business is not enough – every company should strive towards both doing well and doing good.

In September 2014, Apical announced its support for the provisions of the New York Declaration on Forests, a document signed during the United Nations Climate Summit held that month. Among other means of engagement, the summit offered an opportunity for the international private sector to discuss and promote business-based strategies for combating climate change. The New York Declaration includes a goal of cutting deforestation in half by the year 2020 and completely eradicating it by 2030.

The measure drew expressions of agreement from a broad spectrum of business and government leaders, as well as from indigenous communities, who are affected the most by the problem. Some experts noted that the document attempts to encourage businesses to build environmental sustainability into their existing value chains, and to realize that doing so can increase profits as well. Some corporations, such as Sukanto Tanoto’s Apical, have already demonstrated their understanding of these principles. Mr. Tanoto’s three-fold philosophy of doing good for the company, communities, and the planet is the guiding principle of Apical and the other natural resources manufacturing firms within RGE Group.

Apical maintains a membership in the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, and it is a founding member of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Singapore. The company’s history reflects its long-term focus on contributing to the social infrastructure of the communities in which it does business, and to pioneering solutions for food security and forest conservation. In addition, the company has pledged to monitor sustainability practices along its entire production and distribution chain.