Sateri – Award-Winning Supplier of Cellulose-Based Materials

As an entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto is always looking for ways to expand the business. One of the bold movements he took was to list Sateri on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. After calculating the risk, he went ahead to enter the market and without losing his focus along the way, Sateri is now a well recognised company, receiving awards for its success.

In 2014, Sukanto Tanoto’s RGE Group company Sateri Holdings Limited, a major international producer of cellulose products with manufacturing and production facilities in Brazil and China, received its third Asian Excellence Recognition Award in a row. The award, presented by the continent-spanning publication Corporate Governance Asia as part of its effort to encourage superior business practices throughout the region, highlighted Sateri’s record of success in corporate governance and investor relationships. Under the direction of RGE Group CEO and founder Sukanto Tanoto, Sateri works to maintain high-quality and environmentally sustainable business practices in every aspect of the company’s operations.



Headquartered in Shanghai and Hong Kong, Sateri produces a variety of grades of highly pure, dissolving wood-pulp products, as well as viscose staple fiber, for an increasingly demanding market. The company’s Brazil-based upstream operation, located on 150,000 hectares of land farmed by freeholders, consists of a plantation sustaining renewable eucalyptus growth, as well as a wood-pulp mill. In China, Sateri’s downstream production facility processes dissolving wood pulp into viscose staple fiber.

Sateri wood pulp and viscose products are frequently used in nail polish, lip gloss, shaving cream, high-performing automobile tires, baby wipes and other personal care and sanitary products, and a variety of textiles. Sateri viscose adds body to cosmetics, color and quality to fabrics, and stability to heavy-use products. In addition, Sateri products create thicker ice cream without adding unwanted extra calories, and thicken paints while keeping them easy to brush on surfaces.

Being a socially responsible entrepreneur, Sateri and Sukanto Tanoto demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the environment by adhering to all relevant local and regional official regulations and striving for the highest possible quality in corporate social responsibility. For example, Sateri’s Brazil-based mill incorporates cutting-edge design standards and includes a chemical recovery operation that recycles as much as 95 percent of all chemicals utilized in the manufacturing process. The company’s Chinese and Brazilian facilities have received ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.