Tanoto Foundation Teaches the Students on How to be a Good Entrepreneur

SKT3Sukanto Tanoto through his foundation never fails to impress us with their generosity and high concern towards education in Indonesia. Its donation has been used to facilitate unfortunate yet excellent children in Indonesia, who live in both rural and urban areas. However, its goals are more than that. It attempts to build a creative environment in education in order to allow the students and the teachers to create a supportive atmosphere in learning and enhance problem solving ability.

Emphasis on the importance of creativity in business

Not only in education sector, Tanoto Foundation also stresses the importance of creativity in business sector, which will help the prospective entrepreneurs to start their own business. As internet is widely used in today’s activity, Tanoto Foundation in collaboration with Magister Management of Economic Faculty, University of Indonesia, held a seminar entitled “Entrepreneurial Opportunities in E-Business”. It involved competent speakers such as Anderson Tanoto, member of Board of Trustees Tanoto Foundation, Mr. Martin Basuki Hartono, Director of Business Technology of Djarum Group and Ms. Anne Avantie, an Indonesian talented designer.

There important things before starting a business

In this occasion, Tanoto Foundation explained the importance of three in business. “Coping with challenges and setting your goal before starting a new business are essential,” said Anderson. Young people must also take the opportunity and momentum, and implement best practice in managing the business, so it can improve and grow.

This seminar shows the strong support from Tanoto Foundation towards the entrepreneurship programs. This is one of the media to share experience of tough entrepreneurs. Practice is more important than simply theory from textbooks. The soft skills and leadership ability can be obtained only from the realization of action. The soft skill is more important and it has been a subject in many Entrepreneurship Series. To be a great entrepreneur, a person should have a strong motivation, honest, and look for compatible partners. Never give up even in hardest situation, and continue to explore your talent.