Sukanto Tanoto’s Keys to Success in Business: Final Part

Sukanto Tanoto’s Keys to Success in Business: Final Part

Still in the series of posts about Sukanto Tanoto’s keys to success in business, the recent post focuses on his “think, act, learn, read, listen, and see,” principles. He thinks two steps ahead his competitors. He acts immediately to realize his visions. He learns from mistakes. He reads every kind of books. He listens to what people say about his business, and he sees the condition of other people surrounding his business enterprises.

A Lifetime Student

Having been successful in running his business does not make the man, who can speak in both English and Mandarin, satisfied with himself. He keeps seeking for more knowledge and learning new trends in business. This is evident from the fact that he ever took a course in Insead, Paris. He was also a regular member of a Management Education and Development Institution in Jakarta.

Even currently, he often takes a leave to participate in short course or seasonal course. “I have another career in my life: a lifetime student,” he said. One time, he took a three-week course in Harvard, another time in Tokyo, or in London School of Economic. “If I don’t know about something, I find the answer by asking to the expert,” he said further.

“Do the right thing, do the thing right”

This is another principle Sukanto Tanoto always holds in every aspect of his business. “Do the right thing” refers to how he manages his business. He utilizes and develops the existing resources. He is responsive to the changing market demands, and he is responsible to the environment and the society. “Do the thing right” means that he puts emphasis on immediate action. “Never waste your time in futile; do the thing right by listening and getting involved in it,” he said. Finally, Sukanto Tanoto is never interested in confusing business and politics. This shows that he is a pure businessperson and that is why he succeeds.