Chunks of Wisdom from Sukanto Tanoto

Chunks of Wisdom from Sukanto Tanoto

From a youth who was denied formal education because of racist policy, Sukanto Tanoto rose to become one of the richest Indonesians with many businesses from pulp and paper to flight company Air Asia, which is famous as the pioneer of cheap flight in Indonesia. His secret of success lies of several chunks of wisdom that he never stops delivering in various opportunities, citing his success as the result of years of hardworking, dedication, ingenuity and support from the loved ones.

Are you wondering about the secret behind Sukanto Tanoto’s success? Here are some chunks of wisdom from Sukanto Tanoto that should help you carving your success from the very humble beginning.

Deliver More than You Promised

This is Sukanto Tanoto’s secret of success, which made him a recognized plywood tycoon in Indonesia by President Soeharto, the same person that had closed down his Chinese school when he was 17. When Sukanto was trying to build a plywood factory, he asked for permit from the Minister of Industry, and promised to prove the result in 14 months. He later impressed the minister by reducing the period into 10 months. This achievement made him immediately recognized by the president.


Use Every Opportunity

Sukanto Tanoto has a lot of businesses, and this is because he is good in spotting business opportunities. In fact, his abovementioned plywood business was started after he had spotted the fact that Indonesia exported logs to other countries and imported the plywood they made with more expensive prices.

Always Manage Your Time Well

Time is precious and will never return once it passed you, so you must use your time well. Sukanto Tanoto is famous for never wastes time; even during flight or when waiting, he will immediately engage himself in business reports or reading news and books about economy, history and business.

So, are you ready to follow Sukanto Tanoto’s wisdom for your success?